Create an Ask Anywhere touchpoint

An  Ask Anywhere touchpoint differs from an email touchpoint as the platform does not invite the respondent to a survey by sending an email. Instead, you decide how to provide a survey to your respondents.

What is a touchpoint?
- A certain set of questions 
- That is asked to a certain group of people 
- At a certain moment in the customer journey 

When should you use an Ask Anywhere touchpoint?
- When you can't get the email address of a respondent.
- When you want to insert an invitation to a survey in an email, a web page, an app,...
- When you want to invite respondents to leave feedback about an offline interaction.

Eight steps to set up your Ask Anywhere touchpoint

  1. Creating a new Ask Anywhere touchpoint
  2. Setting up default settings
  3. Add your metric question
  4. Add extra questions
  5. Customize the text of your survey
  6. Customize the design settings
  7. Team acces
  8. Publish

IMPORTANT: Only administrators can set up touchpoints. Other users will not see this section.

1. Creating a new Ask Anywhere touchpoint

On the home page of your Hello Customer account, click  New Touchpoint.

Choose Ask Anywhere Touchpoint.

After you've selected this, the touchpoint wizard will launch, which will walk you through the different steps of setting up your touchpoint.

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2. Setting up default settings

Just a few default settings..

Touchpoint name Enter a name for your touchpoint. It should be a unique name within your own environment. This name will not be visible to respondents.
However, this name will be visible for receivers of  triggers and scheduled reports.
Description Describe your touchpoint. Is it about a specific store, season, time, etc.? This is just to identify your own touchpoints more easily and will not be visible to respondents. 

Choose the language(s) of your touchpoint.

These are the languages in which you want to survey your customers / employees.


ISAAC is our AI system that analyses the open text feedback. When ISAAC recognizes a topic in the feedback, it creates mentions & sentiment for this topic. Setting up the sector and channel correctly will help to analyse your feedback more accurately in its context.

Sector Choose the sector that best fits your company.  
Channel Set the channel type that best fits the context for this touchpoint.
Audience The audience depends on who your end-customers are. You can choose between B2B or B2C. If you are planning on sending out a survey within your organisation, it's best to select B2B.

Are you uncertain about what to choose? Read all about it in our knowledge base.

Anti-spam settings

For Ask Anywhere touchpoints, you can set a quarantine period to not receive feedback from the same touchpoint multiple times within a pre-set number of days.

To ensure this, our platform saves a cookie on the device so that we can check if the respondent has already completed the survey within the set quarantine period.

If the respondent uses another device, however, the quarantine period will not be respected

Advanced options

In the advanced options, you can make the survey anonymous. This setting hides the personal data of your respondents in the Hello Customer platform. 

Please note that this option is not reversible once the touchpoint has received data from respondents.

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3. Add your metric question

It's all about asking 1 smart question. 

Next up is deciding what question you're going to ask. You can choose between one of the metrics listed below:

You can either choose your own  customized questions or choose pre-written questions from our recommendations. Our questions are proven to be very successful and deliver high response rates, so we recommend only making small changes to the default texts provided. 

You don't need to pretend you have all the answers, ISAAC does!

The metric question is always followed by an open question where the customer can elaborate why they gave you a certain score. The open text allows ISAAC to work its magic!

Once you've added your question to the survey, the question will appear in the preview for the pop-up in the app. There you can both see how the pop-up in the app and the survey itself will look like. You can also go to the live preview to see the survey in action. Please keep in mind that the live preview will only be updated after you've saved your changes.

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4. Add extra questions

However we strongly believe that the combination of a metric question and open text feedback will deliver you valuable insights to work on your customer experience, it can of course be useful to add some more questions to your survey. After you added your metric question you can add different types of questions:

  • Another metric question (CES / CSAT / NPS)
  • 0-10 question
  • Yes/No question
  • Multiple choice question
  • Custom question (= open text question)
  • Questions to gather more insights about the customer. The answers on these questions will come in the platform as metadata:
    • Profile question
    • Date picker question
    • Team picker question (the answers on this question will be linked to your team structure)

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5. Customize the text of your survey

You can customize different text elements of the survey.

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6. Customize the design settings

To make sure the survey matches your branding, you can customize some elements.

To make the survey more familiar for your respondents we recommend using your own logo on the survey.

Please keep the recommended dimensions in mind, larger images will not always display properly.

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7. Team access

Linking a team

In the next step you need to link your touchpoint to a team. This is a mandatory step, you need to link a team to your touchpoint to be able to publish it. Follow these steps to link your touchpoint to a team:

 Select an existing team from the dropdown, or type in the dropdown to create a new one.

 If you selected a wrong team by accident, you can click 'Unlink team'. Don't forget to select another one before publishing!

 Fill out the participant attribute link to make sure that the right feedback is linked to the right team. The participant attribute link is the name of the key you will send to Hello Customer for which the values are the different teams.

What is a team?
A team can be pretty much every business unit in your company (a store, a point of sale...).

Enabling this setting allows you to compare Net Promoter Scores (NPS) for specific departments and to receive separate reports for each of them.

Read here how to set-up teams.

Reporting settings

The last thing to set up here is your reporting preferences. You can choose whether you want to receive reports, the interval of the reports and a few other things. To learn more about reporting, you can read this article

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8. Publish!

Do not forget to publish your touchpoint. That way, you make sure the survey will appear in your app and data can start flowing in. In case you are not 100% satisfied with the texts, questions, design settings etc. you can simply update this in the touchpoint settings. You will not need to ask your developers for help again, since every change you make in the touchpoint settings will immediately be reflected in the integrated survey. Good luck!

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