Setting up survey questions (CSAT)

Now that your touchpoint is created, it is time to set up your Customer Satisfaction Score questions (CSAT). In total, you will need to set up two types of questions.

You will soon see that you can either make up your own questions or choose preset versions that we have written for you. Our customized questions have proven to be very successful and provide good response rates. We strongly recommend using these.

What is a CSAT?

The Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is a score to measure customer satisfaction.

- A 1-5 scale question that asks respondents how satisfied they are about your company.   
- An open question which allows the customer to freely describe why he attributed his mark.

Be sure to read our guide on Customer Satisfaction Scores for an detailed explanation.

Go to Touchpoint Settings
Option 1:
From the home screen of your Hello Customer account, click on the Touchpoint Settings Icon below the touchpoint name.

Option 2:
Step 1: On the home page of your Hello Customer account, click Touchpoints on the left side.

 Step 2: Select the touchpoint you want to work in. If your touchpoint is out of production, you can see it by clicking on Show all.

On the Touchpoint settings page,  click  Edit in the Questions panel.
If your touchpoint is already running, click on the lock-symbol first. A warning will appear to warn you that this will temporarily disable the touchpoint and allow you to manage the settings.
Saving your changes will put your touchpoint Out of production, even if you save without making changes.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to re-activate your touchpoint once you have changed your settings in the touchpoint settings page!


    Click on Add CSAT Question.

If you already have questions set up, scroll to the bottom of the page >> Add Question >> CSAT

On the top of the menu, indicate the language in which you want to configure your questions.

Set up your CSAT 0-5 Question

- Choose one of the default questions  (recommended) or write your own via the custom tab.

Note: It is also possible to change the labels that will be displayed at the 1 and 5 marks of the survey questions.

  Set up your CSAT Text Question (the open question).
- Determine if this question should be asked or not (slider).
- Choose one of the default questions  (recommended) or write your own via the custom tab. 
- Add a footer text to the survey as a sort of disclaimer if needed. 
- Determine if this question should be mandatory or not (slider). 
(Optional) You can add more Yes/No questions or 0-10 scale questions (not recommended).

If you have added a question by accident, click on the three dots on the top right and then click on delete

Important: You can only delete NPS, CES and CSAT questions that are not in the first position of your questions list.

Note: It is possible to include variables in your questions. These variables allow you to greatly customize your survey e-mails. 

Please read our article on using metadata to personalise your surveys for more information.

(Optional) Configure the questions for your other languages.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to set up the survey texts for all your configured languages.

If you don't, the respondents will receive an incomplete survey.

Click Save at the bottom of the page.
Congratulations, you have now configured the CSAT questions for your survey

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