Integration - Use Zapier to send surveys or to add answers to Hello Customer or to another tool

Zapier is a tool to create integrations between different apps in a user-friendly way, so without the help of a developer.


  1. Why integrate with Zapier?
  2. Available triggers and actions
    1. Answer(s) created
    2. Send survey
    3. Add review
  3. Set up your Zap
    1. How to get there
    2. Create your Zap: general information
    3. Example set-up: Get a review

1. Why integrate with Zapier?

Zapier allows you to integrate 7.000+ apps with each other by creating a so-called Zap.

  • Start with a trigger; this starts your automation, for example: a customer visited your store.
  • Define your action: What happens after the trigger? For example, the customer is added to Hello Customer to send out a survey about their visit.

After you define the trigger and the action, the flow is set up and will automatically perform what you defined.

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2. Available triggers and actions

2a. Answer(s) created

The automation is initiated by the trigger "Answer(s) created". Thus, an action occurs each time a new answer is added to the touchpoint that you specify in your Zap.

Example: transmit the answer to a different tool, create a ticket in your customer service software, etc.

2b. Send survey

"Send survey" is an action that gets carried out following the activation of a specific trigger. As a result, a certain event happened in another tool and your Zap ensures that a participant is added to the Hello Customer touchpoint you specified and receives an invitation to participate in the survey.

Example: a customer went to a store and used their loyalty card to pay. Consequently, a field in the CRM system is updated, which triggers the user to be sent to Hello Customer.

2c. Add review

When a specific event occurs, the "Add review" action adds an answer to the Hello Customer platform to the touchpoint you specified in your Zap after this occurrence.

Example: after a ticket is closed in your customer service software, a mini survey is sent by the tool to evaluate the received help. You want to analyze the feedback people give on this question, so every time a person fills out this little survey, the answer is added to the Hello Customer platform.

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3. Set up your Zap

3a. How to get there

Step 1: Go to Settings in the left navigation menu

Step 2:

  • Option 1: Click the Zapier tile in the Settings overview

  • Option 2: Click on Integrations in the left navigation menu and click on the Zapier tab

3b. Create your zap: general information


To create a zap, you will need 4 pieces of information.

  • First of all, copy your Client ID and Client Secret from the Zapier page in the platform and keep it handy. You will need this later on!
  • You will also need your tenant ID and the touchpoint ID for which you want to setup your Zap. You can copy both ID’s from the touchpoint settings:

If you have an account with Zapier already, than you can just log in. Otherwise, you can sign up for a free account:

Once you’re logged into Zapier, you will see the list of Zaps you already created, or you can create a new one:

After clicking the “Create Zap” button, you will get a screen like this:

You can watch a short video to learn the basics, and you can use the AI tool to create a zap automagically.

Of course, you can easily create a Zap yourself! Just select a trigger that will start your Zap, and an action that the Zap will perform. One of those should be the Hello Customer integration.

The Hello Customer integration has 1 trigger type, and several actions:

  • trigger: Answer(s) created
  • action: Send Survey
  • action: Add Review

3c. Example: Answer(s) created

As an example of how to use the Hello Customer integration in Zapier, we will configure a Zap that triggers when new answers are received for a touchpoint, and then performs an action in one of the 5000+ integrations in Zapier.

We begin by searching for the Hello Customer integration and selecting the latest version:

Select the “Answer(s) created” event and click “Continue”:

In the next step you can select your Hello Customer account:

You can than connect a new account:

You will get a screen where you can give Zapier permission to access your Hello Customer account. Enter your Hello Customer tenant ID and the client ID and client secret that you copied earlier:

After clicking the button to continue to Hello Customer, you will have connected Zapier to your Hello Customer account:

In the next step, it’s time to setup the trigger:

Enter the touchpoint ID you copied earlier, and select the language of the answers you want to retrieve.

In the next step you can finally test your brand new trigger!

If you get a message that no answer could be found, don’t worry. This can happen if there are no recent answers. You can still continue without the test:

Click one last time the “Continue” button after performing or skipping the test:

Your trigger is now set up! You can then continue to setup the action that you want to perform in one of the tools that are supported by Zapier:

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