Integrate your survey with Salesforce

1. What is the Salesforce connector?

The Salesforce connector is a bi-directional (almost) out-of-the-box integration between Salesforce (SFDC) CRM and the Hello Customer platform. It enables you to have your CRM data used as metadata and respondent data within Hello Customer and to display the feedback and scores on the right places in SFDC!

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2. Installation of the package

The Salesforce connector package can be installed by requesting it via your account manager or

2.a. What is available in the package?

When installing the Salesforce Connector package, you will have the following out-of-the-box:

  • Connection from SFDC to HC through the ‘add multiple respondents’ API
  • Hello Customer objects in SFDC: Touchpoint, Hello Customer Participant, Hello Customer Participant Answer
  • Default SFDC fields are synced: First Name, Last Name, e-mail address, mobile phone.
  • Triggers of this API on the following objects/moments:
  • Close a case in SFDC
  • Close a campaign in SFDC
  • Finish an event/meeting in SFDC
  1. Connection from HC to SFDC through the ‘get answers’ API, which is synced at 05:00, 13:00, 16:00 and 20:00 (GMT+1)
  • Average CSAT/NPS/CES graphs on cases, campaigns, events and contacts
  • Standard reports on CSAT/NPS/CES

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3. Hello Customer

  1. After having installed the package, you can navigate in SFDC to “Hello Customer Touchpoints”:

2. Select ‘New’ to set-up a new touchpoint in SFDC

3. Enter the name of your touchpoint, the touchpoint ID and your API token:

To find your touchpoint ID, you can navigate to  Touchpoint Settings in Hello Customer for your touchpoint and select the Unique ID in General Settings:

To find your API token, you need to generate one in Hello Customer by navigating to  Settings > External Connectors > “Create new”

Make sure that ‘Add multiple respondents at a time’ and ‘Request responses’ are enabled! Otherwise the connector will not be authorized to work in the 2 directions. After setting up the API connector, you can click ‘Save & Generate Token’ which will generate you the API token needed in SFDC.

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4. Hello Customer Participant

A Hello Customer participant is equal to the concept of a respondent in Hello Customer.

In SFDC this is linked to the case/campaign/event and the contact object and contains the data that will be sent over to Hello Customer. Adding extra metadata will therefore always mean that these data fields need to be added and mapped on this object (more info on this later on).

On the Hello Customer participant we can also see if the sync to HC was successful or not with the respective logs.

Will Sync to Hello Customer is a field that triggers the API call. Whenever an event in SFDC needs to trigger the sending of a survey, this event will need to check this box. After the sync, this box will be unchecked again and the status of the sync to HC will appear in the ‘Status’ field. This will either be Success or Failure and the logs of this sync can be consulted in the ‘Log’ field.

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5. Hello Customer Participant Answer

Under the ‘Hello Customer Participant’, you can find the ‘Hello Customer Participant Answers’. These answers are the open text feedback and the scores given by this specific participant/respondent. You can also see what type of question was asked.

Example of a Hello Customer Participant answer:

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6. Available graphs and reports

The following graphs are available out of the box (available under the tab ‘ Hello Customer’):

  • On cases, you have average score on the case:

  • On Contact, you have the average score of this contact in all the surveys taken by this person:

  • On Campaign, you have the average score of the overall campaign:

  • The following reports are available and are the ones behind the abovementioned graphs:

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